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Cafe Partner Benefits

What sets Zafiato apart?

In addition to unparalleled service and competitive wholesale pricing, Zafiato cafe partners have access to a range of benefits to set your cafe apart and help you succeed. 

Free Coffee Days

Free Coffee Days

Enjoy free coffee for an entire day to serve in any way you see fit. As a Zafiato cafe partner, we'll cover the costs of coffee for an entire day up to twice a year. While most cafes choose to advertise this as a "Free Coffee Day" to attract new visitors to the cafe, some just use it to boost profits for a day - the choice is yours! 

Barista Training

We use our third-wave coffee roasting knowledge and experience to offer barista training services completely free-of-charge to our partners. From basic to advanced, we provide tailored training resources responsive to the requirements of your cafè. We aim to take our partner baristas that little bit further in their quest for coffee making perfection. Zafiato Coffee Roasters will inspire you to excel in the art of coffee and take up the responsibility as final custodian of the bean. 

Barista Training.jpg
Roaster Open Houses.png

Roaster Open Houses

An offering loved by existing partners, we provide what we call "Roaster Open Houses" where Zafiato will come in for a half-day and setup a tasting bar to showcase Zafiato Coffee and the unique story behind our artisan roastery. Enjoy this offer free-of-charge once per year as a Zafiato cafe partner. It's a great experience for your customers that can be done as a stand alone event or as an additional attraction to an existing promotional event you're running.

Recipe Menu Creation

Creating your drink menu and keeping it updated for the seasons and holidays can be time-consuming. We make it simple, unique, and memorable; allowing you to focus on your customers and growing your business. 

Recipe Menu Creation.jpg
Branded Merchandise.jpg

Branded Merchandise

In addition to the branded sidewalk boards and cafe signage that we'll provide to let visitors know you’re serving the iconic Zafiato Coffee, as a Zafiato cafe partner you'll also get 25% off all branded merchandise from the Zafiato Swag Shop. Everybody likes swag, so let us kit out your cafe with branded merchandise!

Private Labeling

Creating a look that's yours alone can enhance brand awareness and increase retail coffee sales. As a specialist in the private label realm, Zafiato is well-equipped to help you create a killer private labeled coffee. 

Private Labeling.jpg
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