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Zafiato Coffee | Ontario Specialty Coffee Roaster

We partner with cafes to provide expertly crafted coffee and quality cafe supplies to help you deliver a superior experience that will keep customers coming back.
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Zafiato Coffee | Ontario Specialty Coffee Roaster

The Zafiato Story

For Zafiato, coffee isn't just a business, it’s a lifestyle. A passion. A journey that you could say began in 1941 when our newly married grandparents Domenico and Maria settled in the thriving Italian community of Hamilton. As their family grew over the years, so did an appreciation of many Italian traditions – a passion for great coffee being one of them! Zafiato is carrying forward this dedication to specialty coffee as we embark on our journey. 

Our journey starts with ethically sourced and traceable beans, continues to masterful and consistent roasting, and moves to sustainable practices in packaging and distribution. The last step in the process, and the fruit of our endeavour, is the joy that you as a Zafiato Coffee drinker get from one of the simplest joys of life - a perfect cup of coffee! Every one of our coffees are meticulously handcraft and blended post-roast using only 86-plus (Q-graded) specialty coffees sourced directly from our farming partners in some of the most incredible regions on earth. 

We know that our success is dependant on more than just great coffee, which is why every bag gives back to our wonderful farming partners and to the amazing local communities that allow our partners and cafes to thrive. We invite you to join us in our journey to great coffee here at Zafiato Coffee Roasters! 

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Our Coffee

In Italy, if something is so amazing that witnessing it steals your breath, it’s Mozzafiato. While mozzafiato technically translates to “breathtaking” there is an intensity behind the Italian word that can’t be translated. Zafiato Coffee Roasters bring that intensity and passion to every bag of our handcrafted coffee.

Zafiato Luna Coffee | Ontario Specialty Coffee Roaster
Zafiato Solare Coffee | Ontario Specialty Coffee Roaster
Zafiato Oro Coffee | Ontario Specialty Coffee Roaster
Zafiato Divino Coffee | Ontario Specialty Coffee Roaster
Zafiato Ricco Coffee | Ontario Specialty Coffee Roaster
Zafiato Vivace Coffee | Ontario Specialty Coffee Roaster
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Zafiato Coffee | Ontario Specialty Coffee Roaster

A One-Stop-Shop for All Your Cafe Supplies

Zafiato Luna Coffee | Ontario Specialty Coffee Roaster
Cafe Syrups | Zafiato Cafe Supplies


Our syrups offer professionals an infinite source of inspiration to enhance coffees, cocktails, and summer drinks for any occasion. For each flavour we provide ideas for drink applications and original recipes to accentuate the syrups.

Cafe Sauces | Zafiato Cafe Supplies


The authentic flavours of our sauces are the perfect renderings of the original aromatic tones and rich flavours. Thick, lustrous, and full-bodied, with just the right consistency to ensure a fluid and precise flow. Our sauces have the perfect balance of sweetness and aroma to ensure a powerful and long-lasting taste.

Matcha, Cider, Cold Brew, Smothies, Hot Chocolate, Frappes | Zafiato Cafe Supplies

Concentrates & Powders

Give your coffee section a super-profitable second lineup. Shelf-stable concentrates are easy to store and prepare, and allow your cafe to provide drinks that may normally be too difficult, time consuming, or wasteful to produce in-house.

Oat Milk, Alt Milk | Zafiato Cafe Supplies

Alternative Milks

Our performance alternative milk beverages were created based on feedback from world-class baristas and demonstrate craftsmanship and quality. Subtle flavour profiles designed to withstand the high heat of steaming without burnt or bitter notes or separation. These milks perform as well as dairy to create consistently smooth, glossy micro-foam perfect for latte art.

Coffee Cups & Lids | Zafiato Cafe Supplies

Consumable Supplies

Whether serving coffee, tea, or other specialty drinks, we carry all the cups, lids, and other accessories you need to easily and sustainably serve your drinks.



Having the right equipment to suit your requirements is important. We offer a range of espresso machines and grinders that combine functionality, reliability, and aesthetics. We have whatever you need to make your cafe unique - a custom designed machine, something entirely different from the next cafe? Let Zafiato Coffee Roasters bring functionality and style to your cafe.

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